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About Us 


Our company was born out of passion for all things video games, with a strong focus in retro video games which are what we grew up with. Preserving these grails of video game history has gone from a hobby to a love for all things video games. ​

We are here to help preserve these pieces of history, to make sure that they reach their next care taker in the condition that they expect, that is why each and every item is personally handled by our team and nobody else.

We are not transport brokers, we do not sub contract, we are true collectors who identified the need for a personal transport service and that is how this idea became a reality. From where the item sits to its final destination will be handled by our team of professionals.

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Meet The Team

We believe in personal connections, getting to know the team members who will be picking up and delivering your collectibles is very important to us. We are a small team with a big passion.


Brandon O.

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Brandon, the founder of Grab & Go Gaming, master delivery driver and  route planner.


Jorge V.

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Jorge, a gamer from Texas who has fallen in love with collectibles and manages the admin side of Grab and Go


Stephanie V.

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Stephanie, helps manage the admin side of Grab and Go Gaming alongside Jorge.

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